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Frame Workshop: The Material and Process You see

Cycling forward with bike frame materials and processes, reliable bike frame Manufacturers, which offer our customers a comprehensive range of cycling shorts that match the strict quality requirements of international markets.

Common frame materials include aluminium, steel, titanium and carbon fibre.

Alloy: Malleable, corrosion resistant, lighter and less prone to rusting, and not too expensive. The weakness is the poor fatigue of the metal.

Steel: Good processing properties; High intensity; Comfortable ride; The metal is much more fatigue resistant than aluminium.

The disadvantages are heavy weight and susceptibility to rust.

Slimness is the hallmark of most steel frames, The tig welding joints on steel frames are generally more “discreet” and, after painting, most of them do not have the obvious rough fish scale pattern of aluminium frame welds.

Used for Lug type welding of classic road frames and for smooth brass welds, also as a criterion for steel frames.

Compared to steel frames, aluminium frames have a more rugged appearance and are more versatile in terms of tube shape and cross-section.

Pipe cutting—pipe bending—punching holes—Tig welding,CO2welding or Copper welding.

The cost of each method varies and determines the price of the complete bike.

The frame is the main body of the bike, basically all the components need to be mounted on the frame, so the frame geometry is responsible for how the bike looks and how it fires. The right size, geometry and frame in your preferred paint job will help you get there, both on the race course and on the road.

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