Participate in the Shanghai Bicycle International Exhibition of these days are very busy, guests from all over the world to visit, there are old customers to see the new style to renew the order, there are new customers to negotiate to increase trust, this time Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, a lot of countries to come.

Our brand is TOMAX, our factory is China’s well-known brand “Phoenix” designated processing plant, last year’s sales of 800,000 units, is the first sales of “Phoenix” brand in China’s factory. Due to the high quality, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks. We are very proud of this. We will also be more in the quality and cost-effective for customers to design the right program. To win win-win profit.

Welcome dealers and distributors to visit, Different bicycle styles of models and specificaiton optimization, will help you customize the most suitable for the market demand market program!

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